Many top seeders of the European Individual Chess Championship 2019 suffered huge upsets in the first round of the event.

The battle for the throne of the most prestigious event throughout the Europe has started after the Director of the Agency of youth and sports of North Macedonia, Mr. Darko Koevski, made the first move on the first board, in the game between top seeded Artemiev Vladislav (RUS, 2736) and Haldorsen Benjamin (NOR, 2448).

Before the start of the round, President of European Chess Union, Mr. Zurab Azmaiparashvili, greeted the participants and wished them luck. Many favorites of the round one suffered difficulties so more than 40 games ended in a peaceful manner after long fights.

The greatest surprise was made by 18 years old IM Pultinevicius Paulius (LTU, 2439) who defeated Mamedov Rauf (AZE, 2701) with black pieces in drawish Queens endgame with equal number of pawns. Todorovic Goran M (SRB, 2429) masterpieced Eljanov Pavel (2682) with black pieces in Spanish variation, and after only 30 moves Eljanov couldn’t defend, had to shake hands and resign.

Serbian International master Goran Arsovic (SRB, 2380) overwhelmed GM Salgado Lopez Ivan (ESP, 2622), Mitsis Georgios (GRE, 2338) won with white pieces Zhigalko Sergei (BLR, 2604), while Osmanodja Filiz (GER, 2326) took a victory against GM Georgiev Kiril (MKD, 2595).

Beside this surprises, many of the top seeders had to be pleased with draw in the first round of the event and from now have to fight for getting in the rally for the top.

Results of the first round

The second round of the event starts today at 15.00 (local time) and can be followed live together with the live commentary made by GM Ivan Sokolov and GM Adrian Mikhalchishin on the following link.